from by As The World Weeps



She witnessed murders and I perceived the end.
The sun descended from the sky we closed our eyes.
We heard the dissaray of colliding disparities.
Their tenants nourished severance and disrupted serenity.

Forgiveness elapsed as we entered the discord, amongst brothers.
We've lost our ability to fathom.

As we chastise everyone we love with our heartless reprimands.
Our foolish acts will meet ignorance demands.

Sinner shun for sin by sinner this reign will make us wither.
The indoctrinated suppose they are absolute.
The elite within false kingdoms are resolute.
Failing to acknowledge their desires they now pursue the wind.

The architect promotes a remedy the lost practice of unity.
Dessiminate the offspring of harmony, dissipate the product of bigotry.
Coexist together.


from OS​:​OD, released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


As The World Weeps Miami, Florida

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