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Is this a bond or a fallacy? Day by day is another test I submit.
Mind of a dinosaur; instincts of a shark: Strength buried within me.
These signals I get everyday leave me in this state of confusion.

It must be death or a higher power that speaks to me secretly.

Could this be nature?
Humanity: subsided.

Stimulant material provides flashback vision.
Signs seem abstract to me... don't know what to expect.
My path intersects through time. This surprise of reality is pressuring.
Waveforms of color block my sighting. Swirling is in effect.

Habits are holographic.
vertebrae movement: Futile.

Blood vessels fueled with risk; ignorant on life's adventure.
Repitition unmatched to my ways, mean to your defense.

It's me against the world.
I question specification.
Interpret to me perception.


from OS​:​OD, released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


As The World Weeps Miami, Florida

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