by As The World Weeps

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This is our debut EP 'OS:OD'! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it!

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released October 15, 2013

All music written, recorded, and performed by As The World Weeps



all rights reserved


As The World Weeps Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Guardian
Is this a bond or a fallacy? Day by day is another test I submit.
Mind of a dinosaur; instincts of a shark: Strength buried within me.
These signals I get everyday leave me in this state of confusion.

It must be death or a higher power that speaks to me secretly.

Could this be nature?
Humanity: subsided.

Stimulant material provides flashback vision.
Signs seem abstract to me... don't know what to expect.
My path intersects through time. This surprise of reality is pressuring.
Waveforms of color block my sighting. Swirling is in effect.

Habits are holographic.
vertebrae movement: Futile.

Blood vessels fueled with risk; ignorant on life's adventure.
Repitition unmatched to my ways, mean to your defense.

It's me against the world.
I question specification.
Interpret to me perception.
Track Name: Patterns
She witnessed murders and I perceived the end.
The sun descended from the sky we closed our eyes.
We heard the dissaray of colliding disparities.
Their tenants nourished severance and disrupted serenity.

Forgiveness elapsed as we entered the discord, amongst brothers.
We've lost our ability to fathom.

As we chastise everyone we love with our heartless reprimands.
Our foolish acts will meet ignorance demands.

Sinner shun for sin by sinner this reign will make us wither.
The indoctrinated suppose they are absolute.
The elite within false kingdoms are resolute.
Failing to acknowledge their desires they now pursue the wind.

The architect promotes a remedy the lost practice of unity.
Dessiminate the offspring of harmony, dissipate the product of bigotry.
Coexist together.
Track Name: Worshippers
Heads and knees bow to the floor.
Cranium cut by this moral.
Start at your path; evade these lost words.
Destruction they spill upon the earth.
Mystery of a paradox and science solution.

How can you feel everlasting?

My arrogance is summoning.
There is no right to this conflict.
I'll lay the being to rest.

Their shadows revolt in control.
Colors shocking your body.
Betrayal seems to be another tongue for you.
Your knowledge quenching for water.

They're stuck in automatic.
Vapor temper synced with this Mercury.
Exploding, The Worshipper.
Track Name: Dreaming
Paving the constant wind, don't follow the white lines.
Locked inside the maze of thoughts trying to find this key.

Forever condemned to opinions.
Juggernauts empty out this empire.
I march until they've presented arms.
Counting this journey will deplore fate.

Hide all your questions and answers.
We dream in martyr formation.

Spacey voices become divine faces.
Forming this puzzle piece; stabbing our only fucking land.

Hands passing the numbers as I grow cold.
In opposition of friends and foes, clocks are drowning in darkness.
Cruising towards the sky.

Discard these feelings that we had together.
The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Longing for your approval is never enough...